Shining the light. Rejection transformed. Preaching tips.

Around our churches This Mount Pleasant church, one of the smallest in our family of churches, is determined to shine the light during the virus restrictions.  So they will keep their church lights on, shining through the coloured glass depictions of the Gospel from their lovely chapel.  The Gospel and Society During the war years […]

Children and Faith

A reminder from a day at Driver River church “Increasing secularism and moral relativism produce a culture that is at times openly hostile to our faith. We face a faster pace of life, pressure at work, the glorification of individualism, and a diminishing focus upon traditional family and other social structures.”

Fire and Devastation

Whatever we think about climate change, the promise remains certain – Genesis 8.22 The season for planting is coming and a new harvest too.

The full Advent picture

Let’s get into the full Advent picture and preach up the Great Expectation of believers; The Return. The first creed perhaps the original of all creeds is just one word–Maranatha!, meaning ‘Come Lord Jesus!’ 

Adelaide, Be Different and ‘Vanning at Crows Nest (Qld)

Love Them Both: Adelaide, be different I’ve just returned from Temple College hearing Chris speak about her abortion 34 years ago, the burden of shame and guilt and the amazing release of meeting the Lord of mercy and grace.

Travelling evangelists, Love Them Both, Syria

Planning or hoping to get on the road in the g..y nomad tradition? Think about offering the Word of life as a faithful and useful witness in out of the way ‘nooks and crannies’ and among whatever and whoever the ‘crooks and nannies’ the Lord leads you among around Aussie?

Lobethal, Bute, Penola …

Pstr Brian Tugwell, Lobethal church and love their Gospel Country style which features most Sunday mornings at Lobethal Generate/HopeNet chuch but here they are  stirring the faith of the ‘youth’ at the local retirement village. Go lads!

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