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I’ve just returned from Temple College hearing Chris speak about her abortion 34 years ago, the burden of shame and guilt and the amazing release of meeting the Lord of mercy and grace.

I heard  the disturbing details about the Abortion Law Reform bill expected to be released any day in SA, Other States have already done so, legalising abortion up to birth and, by deregulation, removing adequate protections for mother or child.

I heard that in Queensland for example, in 2015, 27 children lay breathing, hearts beating, lips autonomically sucking until they died on the abortonist’s table to die. All legal now.

Personal: Driving home my mind wandered to what my wife has researched about my past. My birth mother lost her husband after 6 months marriage. Remarried another, but he went to war and refused to send any maintenance back for his wife and young son. She went to Eyre Peninsula answering an ad to housekeep for a recently widowed farmer. She was destitute and loving. He was grieving and compassionate. They conceived; I was the product of human longing. 

Thankfully for me, society was conditioned by the belief that human life is from God. I was adopted out to a wonderful but childless couple. Over fifty years later I found and saw my birth mother. As I left for the nursing home Rosie said;  “tell her, from me, ‘thank you’”. I saw her for a few minutes, touched her, assured her of my well-being in the blessing of life, blessed her and gave her my wife’s message. She died the next morning.

Thankfully too, today there are excellent resources available. beReady, a series of programs to address youth sexuality geared for youth groups and schools. Tried and tested help for women caught in the awful confusion and decision making as well as providing practical support and reconstructing lives in hope. And powerful real testimonies of women in the book ‘Beautiful lives’.

On February 8th Love Adelaide is organizing a march against the proposed abortion laws allowing an unborn infant to be killed at full term and leaving women frightened and shamed. They hope it will turn the tide. That the churches will rise up and show up. That it will be the biggest march in our social history. Only the church can do this. Celebrities can’t. Politicians can’t. The church is the pillar and foundation of truth.

This is a Gospel issue before it is a social issue. The Gospel says we are the imago Dei because Jesus is King. The law is saying man is king, destroy the imago!

This is what hit me last night. The procedure for inducing a birth for life is practically identical to a late term abortion procedure that kills. Why not in those late term procedures let the child live and be adopted?

Please get the facts clear. Become bearers of hope and fighters for life. This is a hard subject but it is with us now, so learn what actually happens in and as a result of  abortion. Please, pastors, plan to have your church there on Feb 8th. And please don’t unsubscribe just because this is hard. Rather, share it. The fact is that 1 in 4 women in Australia have had an abortion, and they are also in our congregations, suffering silently because of shame. This is why we all need The Saviour.

Church leaders: Love Adelaide ( for you to get connected and be kept up to date on the issue.

Caravanning at Crows Nest, Qld?

The grey nomad story widens.  “If anyone is passing through Crows Nest, Queensland with their caravan, they are welcome to park their van/motorhome/ etc. on my little property – two kms north of Crows Nest and 45 mins. from Toowoomba”. Thanks again for sharing that story (of Ray and Chris, see last CC).  From Barbara McKay. (widow of UCA minister) Crows Nest, Qld.


Maccy initiating linking small congregations of any and all denominations  in Adelaide Hills region.  Already connecting with several other denominational and independent churches Macclesfield Generate/HNSA is gathering warm responses to their initiative to deepen the fellowship between the congregations of the one Church in the area. And feeling they are part of something bigger. Details, 0412888146 Go for it!

Living Hope

“I don’t know how our family will cope with this!”  Geoff Lin reports on Living Hope, Adelaide based support and resource group for families impacted by  trans and LBQT issues.

Religious Freedom

Don’t just fight for Religious Freedom, use the freedom we have!

Only the truly prophetic holds to the unbending truth. It sees the face of God before the face of men. What other authority earthed into the so called ‘real world’ can hold to account rapacious greed or adultery which destroys families and is arguably the largest causation of child abuse by miles?  Who will unmask … read more on HopeNet blog

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Great to visit, give and receive New Testament ministry this month with Windsor Gardens, Port Pirie Lighthouse, with Bute, Booleroo, Wandearah, Macclesfield coming up. Always available for phone and email connection on matters  for the good of our churches, whatever area that is. Pastors Rob Bailey and Grant Jewel, also Warren Mack, the Henders and Ron share in visiting and caring for our churches plus many others. Please keep us all in prayer as we you.


“When the beams of the sun are contracted by a burning-glass, upon one spot, then they cause fire; so when our thoughts are concentrated on one object they warm the heart and at last burn the truth into it”

This is the reason why so many sermons and addresses drift, they are not focussed upon one point. Many rays of light, but scattered. We get a little upon many things, while what is wanted is one great truth, and to fix it on the heart and set the soul blazing with it. Many lives are squandered upon a dozen objects, whereas if they were economized for one, they would be mighty lives, known in the present and honoured in the future.

“This one thing I do” is a necessary determination if we are to accomplish anything in the Kingdom.

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