Pstr Brian Tugwell, Lobethal church and love their Gospel Country style which features most Sunday mornings at Lobethal Generate/HopeNet chuch but here they are  stirring the faith of the ‘youth’ at the local retirement village. Go lads!

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Bute. Again great upbuilding time with all the believers at  this faithful vibrant congregation. Hearing the stories of blessing from finding help when seeking and ‘knocking’ at the welcoming door of the Saviour’s grace as he has promised. And simply feasting on the solid  facts of God’s love. Afterward for those who could, lunching at the local pub on Suzies steaks. What better way to take in a Sunday morning!

Warren and Rosemary Mack part of HopeNet SA team visiting our most southerly churches.

Penola UC

Penola, small but vibrant, living out their lives in demonstration of the goodness of God. Warren ministered encouragingly from  Romans 10 the gift of righteousness by faith in Christ. “May it not be long before the beautiful chapel is again resounding with singing and the preaching of God’s Word.”

On to Naracoorte, next Sunday Oct 6th and how good to share in the Lord’s Table, going forward to kneel at the communion rail and participate in the body and blood of Christ.

ACC Conference headline speaker James Parker gave a frank portrayal of his journey from confused and bullied lad through homosexual identification and to gay activist and out into an amazing understanding of secure and loving identity and protection in the Father love of God through the Gospel. His talk is a template for understanding certain areas of personal confusion for redemptive ministry.  

Coming to Uni from the country and looking for friendships with Christians? Why not look up Evangelical Students and get some quality connections going  to upbuild your faith and strengthened your purpose.


Patrick Sookhdeo in Adelaide as part of Australian tour. Sookhdeo an international expert and advisor on  geo-political movements particularly in relation to Islam will deliver another not to miss talk in  Adelaide on October 21,extended into a workshop . He will detail the needs and courage of Christians martyrs and the changing patterns of needs and response. Register for attendance. No cost unless you choose lunch.

Soul Factor Gospel choir are coming out with a new  fantastic performance-see rehearsal here, you can enjoy and bring friends to. Book here

Memories, good memories Why did I take this picture? Karoonda church days! Well this is John Cook, nursing and Bible teaching and evangelizing in the Minlaton area today. Stirs good recalls of the start of  ministry days with my new bride, Rosemary in Karonda 50 years ago.

There’s more! Next to him is his wife Crystal and next, her mother Joylene (the girl in blue in a Menadue home  Gospel meeting) the youngest daughter of Arch and Gwen Menadue -the sweetest of Chrisitan ladies who encouraged me so much. I recall the Bible studies  we held every night of the week, some 50 people participating across this sparsely populated mallee area.

The missions: Norm Harris and the Morrell family walking down the aisle with husband and dad giving his life to Jesus and going on to honour his Lord, now at Horsahm  part of the backbone of the Church of Christ and community care. We, the ‘pace attack’ for the ‘Wynarka eleven’ with doughty one-eyed Geoff Blakett-a war injury, the batting.

Farewelling Kevin Burdett, conscripted and praying for him and Mac Walls son in Sunday services doing perimeter guard duty in the Vietnamese jungle. The Bingham missions ,the mini revival with packed halls and Neville Washington testifying ‘I feel I am incorporate in the Body of Christ, actually!’ And their toddler son David who 23 years  later would marry our Karoonda born Rebekah. The Brian Lollers and kids next door, and that insightful sister, Rhonda. The terrible 68-69 drought and some living on ‘underground mutton’-rabbit; Mrs leak inviting our family for dinner, the table dressed with wedding cutlery and starched table cloth, bringing in the main  with unapologetic dignity ,boiled eggs in cups . Mushrooming on the Skewes farm. Circuit Steward, Arny Pedlar inviting the men to loosen their ties and remove their coats in the 3pm Copeville service at 45 centigrade. And just the other day following a chat in Karoonda main street with the local police officer, Karen Watts texting me that he recalls I baptised him, and she the daughter of a gangly lad, Warren Mack who was part of the Christian youth singers who now travels with me preaching and teaching together across our churches. Many lovely faces of enduring believers come before me and some are still faithfully meeting at Karoonda church and others in churches beyond! Go Karoonda!

And rounding off with the signature song and the Gospel loving heart of, yes, Johnny Cash.


From HopeNetSA Inc (formerly Hopenet) networking churches and  ministries across SA  assisting Gospel ministry, upbuilding churches of any size, encouraging, strengthening, inspiring, warning and enjoying the rich fellowship amongst our faithful people 

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