Planning or hoping to get on the road in the g..y nomad tradition? Think about offering the Word of life as a faithful and useful witness in out of the way ‘nooks and crannies’ and among whatever and whoever the ‘crooks and nannies’ the Lord leads you among around Aussie?

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Chris and Ron Holroyd of Golden Grove have been doing this for some time and learned some insights. Here is Ray: “My wife and I love to travel in our caravan; using caravan parks, or free camping. Whatever we chose usually we meet other travellers on the road and share our experiences, stories and have a chat about where we are going.

Caravan people, are very friendly and always ready to help each other out or just chat.

When we bought our first caravan, we prayed that God would keep us safe, guide us in our travels and show us if there was someone who needed to hear about his kingdom.

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When I first meet someone, I usually ask a couple of questions to encourage them to talk, I let them do most of the talking and I listen and give them time to talk. Sometimes there is an opportunity for prayer if they talk about a problem or concern. If there is no obvious concern I ask if they have any faith and state that I believe in Jesus. Whatever their response is I ask, “Can I pray for you or with you.” God always gives me the words to say.

I always pray before I speak to someone, or if there is no time to do this, I pray to myself as I meet them, and this has always worked for me.

So far, I have never been refused a prayer request, I have been told it won’t work, but go ahead if you like. As I leave someone I always say ‘God Bless You’ or ‘Jesus loves you’.

On our recent trip to The Head of the Bight to see the whales we met 2 cyclists who were backpackers, cycling around Australia. We met them in Wilmington, and they had cycled from Perth and were heading to Adelaide. We chatted for a while, and the next morning I went over to see them before we left. We talked a little and I asked if they had any faith, they both said ‘no’, I replied that I thought they had faith to cycle all that way with the big trucks on the road passing them. They smiled and said you mean religion, I agreed and said I was concerned for their safety so could I pray for them.  They said ok and I said a short prayer that they would be safe. They both gave me a hug and we left with a smile and a wave.

We continue to pray for the people we have met and ask God to send others in their path that will continue to “water” the seed that has been planted.” You may speak with Ray on 0468681497

Important Abortion bill tomorrow in SA legislative Council. ACL has described this as ‘police state’ law. Even at this late stage we can still act positively with the ‘Love them both’ movement. Protect women and babies.

Do you receive the joy of a sabbath-made for you, a gift from your Creator? A fast food chain that outguns McDonalds and at the same time honours the God given rhythm of seven ,the sabbath. Is it possible? Don’t let secualrism rob your freedom .

What is happening in in N-E Syria with the Kurds and Turkey and others? Here are some links for informed minds and it is important as some of our spiritual kindred are very involved. For some helpful history especially the Adana Agreement between Turkey and Syria and also see Elizabeth Kendall’s summary on blogspot October 15.  Behind the scenes but in the conflict zone and braving insecurity to minister, witness and ‘maintain the presence of Jesus’ there are courageous churches.

[Main picture: South of Freeling, South Australia, by the local Lutheran churches]

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