About Us

HopeNet SA was established in 2019 as an independent and incorporated body to continue the work and ministry of the former Hope Mission Network (HMN), offering oversight to congregations to support the needs, expectations and hopes of its members.

We offer a fellowship of evangelical churches across South Australia seeking to follow the Lord Jesus Christ by Spirit and Scripture. Former HMN congregations, other congregations regardless of denominational membership, indeed any who desire to access the benefits, and connect with this network across the State, are warmly welcome.

We will continue to connect with other church or network leaders in projects or activities which help to advance the Gospel throughout society. We support networks working for social righteousness on issues that arise in our legislatures which affect the common good as taught in Scripture.

We will continue to disseminate up to date information across networks, agencies and ministries in our State. HopeNet SA churches want to be informed and, where possible, active on matters advancing our Lord’s great kingdom enterprise.

We offer names of available preachers, teachers and evangelists across our widespread churches. We sponsor training seminars, workshops and leadership training, and continually gather knowledge of gifts and ministries from member churches regardless of location or size to help build up strong followers of our Lord.

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Our Core Beliefs

The Lord Jesus Christ, by His Father’s will and through the power of His death and Resurrection, has established the Kingdom of heaven on earth in the New Covenant (Hebrews 8, Ephesians2.10).

The Holy Scriptures are the breath of God, His inspired Word for His people. When received, believed and acted upon give fullness of salvation and life and minister truth, hope, and training in righteousness (John 20.31, Romans 15.4, 1Corinthians 10.11, 2Timothy 3.16,17).

The Holy Spirit, the promise of the Father, teaches believers in every generation through all cultures and languages the Truth about Jesus Christ, forming His likeness in our lives (Romans 8.29, Galatians 4.19, 2Corinthians 3.18, 1John 5.3).

Our Lord has given gifts and graces to His faithful church which we identify and use to serve the mission and ministry of His kingdom (Ephesians 4).

There are particular challenges at different times and places faced by Christ’s church. So we proclaim from Scripture that marriage is the exclusive union of a man and a woman voluntarily entered into for life, that it symbolizes the union between Christ and His church and is given for mutual joy, edification and the bringing forth of children.

There is nothing within human nature or behavior resulting from our fallenness which is not redeemable through Christ nor outside the power of sanctification through the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual conflict is part of life until the destruction of Satan and the Restoration of all things. Through faith we are promised victory in Christ (1John 5.4-5).

We receive the creeds and confessions including the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds, the principal confessions of the Reformation and Awakening and contemporary statements which address the challenges of the day with holy Scripture.

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