He did that many times in the Bible.
All we know about Joseph and the great advent facts is what he heard and saw in a dream. He wasn’t expecting that! Jacob got his marching orders that have impacted nations for his life’s work in a dream. Peter initiated Samaritan evangelism fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy in a dream-trance.

To all CC readers: Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and Jesus Christ our great Lord and ruler of the nations

More testimonies and stories from amongst our small churches around the State.

Roxann and her adopted son Uzima worship and serve with the believers at Port Augusta (UCA church). Mama, Roxann wrote the following for Uzima who is so affected by cerebral palsy he can’t speak, but he prays and others at church have commented, hearing his sounds. Some of you may have already met this little family and the church that backs them.

Hi, my name is Uzima and I was born in Kenya, and after a very difficult start to life, I was found by a good Samaritan and handed into a Babies home in the city of Nairobi. Medical staff recognised very early on that I had severe Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy and although the Babies home was certainly prepared to look after me, the future wasn’t good…. a possible 3 years of life at most.

I met my now Mama when I was about 18 months old while she was living in Nairobi, training teachers and working alongside them in the slums. She would come into the baby’s home in her spare time and we very quickly bonded. Mama adopted me and after living in Kenya with her until I was almost 6, we came home to Australia where I am now an Australian citizen and have just turned 18 years of age.

Mama, as my sole parent and full-time carer, has helped me experience as much as possible in life. We travel, mostly for medical trips, to the closest major city, however, I enjoy socializing and going to the movies and I love a live musical concert or show. Swimming is a favorite of mine as are the Crows football team and the Australian Cricket team. My most favourite thing to do though, is to get into the car, (we call her POPPY), with Mama and to drive into the great outdoors. Mama makes every trip, medical or not, an adventure cos she knows I love to drive. However, Poppy is getting very tired, and we can no longer rely on her to get us there or home again. (In the last week she has in fact said her goodbyes and so we are without a car and access to the community)

That’s why I’m asking you to help me.

NDIS will of course fund a wheelchair modification, but they don’t give any assistance to the cost of a car. There are restrictions on the age and mileage of the car which means buying an almost new car. Poppy2 would need to be a Kai Carnival, a Hyundai Staria or a Volkswagen Caddy. The price of one of these secondhand starts at about $40,000 and a new one around $70,000 on the road.

EEEEEkk that is a lot of money for us!!!!!!

I’m asking you to help me and help my Mum, as I know she wouldn’t ask you herself, to support our goal of raising money to purchase a secondhand or new car. Mama has told me we can afford about $20,000, so our challenge will be to raise the rest or as much as we can. Any amount you can give will help.

Thank you so much. We hope you can and are willing to assist.

GOD bless you,


Some readers have enquired about supporting Uzzima the teenager who needs a replacement vehicle for his mobility.
If you would like to help his mum Roxann (part of Pt Augusta church) here her bank details are

BSB: 105028 ACC: 076247440
Name: Roxann Klingberg

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