by Nancy Everett of Crystal Brook Community Church

My name is Nancy – still happily married to Stuart after nearly 49 years – and we are both currently working on our Merino Stud just a few kms S.E. of Crystal Brook. We have three adult children and six grandchildren. In April 1970 I was Born Again at an Easter Camp at Thuruna on the West Coast, and Baptized with the Holy Spirit 10 years later at a farm out of Gladstone.

We have both been in leadership at the Crystal Brook Community Church for most of our married life, and the Lord called me to the ministry of Lay Preacher over 30 years ago. I just love to spread the ‘Good News’ about Jesus!!

In April last year, I became aware I was developing some issues with bladder function, so I did the right thing, and made an appointment with my local G.P. Following a thorough examination, I was sent for an ultrasound. My Doctor called me in for a ‘talk’ only 2 hours later, explaining that the scan had revealed a “lesion’ in my lower abdomen. She then proceeded to book me in for an urgent C.T. scan the following week.

The mass was found to have increased by a third in only 7 days, so all the signs were pointing to cancer, and the situation urgent.

Surgery was deemed very necessary by the Adelaide Specialist – but I had to wait a further 3 weeks for this procedure to occur due to the waiting list.  I was told that everything went very well, and he was confident he was able to get it all.  When I asked him how large it was when he removed it, he shocked me by indicating with his large hands that the mass had quadrupled in size since it was first discovered only a month before! Pathology took 4 days to finally discover what “IT” was! Leiomyosarcoma (or LMS) – a very rare and aggressive soft-tissue cancer. Fortunately, I made an amazingly quick recovery and all the staff were most surprised.  I was able to share my faith with some of them – particularly the Surgeon. He heard me say “Praise the Lord and Hallelujah” a few times, but the first time I said this, he frantically looked around, found the door, and dived through it as fast as he could!!! (This really did happen).

Life went back to normal until mid-January this year, when a follow-up C.T. scan revealed that some cells had escaped and invaded some lymph nodes and regrown. On speaking to the Surgeon who operated 8 months earlier, he advised he had already consulted with the rest of his team, and they decided that further surgery was not an option – deeming it to be too dangerous, due to the extreme closeness of other structures, and vascular involvement.   

He suggested I see a colleague of his who was a top Radiologist. I was not keen on the idea, but felt I had to take their advice. Before the ray treatment began, we were able to contact key Intercessors in this region, and I know they have been faithful in praying for me on a regular basis. The five weeks of intensive treatment in Adelaide during February and March went very well – with minimal side effects. I was very aware of the prayer-cover surrounding me, and a deep sense of constant peace which comes from Jesus Himself.

I had to wait for the required 6 weeks before seeing the Radiologist again on the 3rd of May this year – only to be told – “The C.T. scan done this morning shows that the ray treatment did not affect the mass by your left hip at all, in fact, it has grown by 3 mm, and you also have a lesion in your liver which was not there in January!!”   (He told us that cancer cells had escaped into my bloodstream with the potential to go anywhere)! He suggested that I should see an Oncologist (even though he knew I really, really did not want to do that). I reluctantly agreed, but determined to be diligent by doing more thorough research on the subject.   

So I consulted Dr Google – typing in LMS and Chemotherapy, and LMS and Immunotherapy. The news was not good. All the sites said the same thing – that LMS does not respond to ray treatment. (Yes – well I had already made that discovery)!

LMS is not affected by Chemotherapy, and also discovered there is no Immunotherapy programme available which works against LMS.   What a formidable enemy!

Our prayers then grew in intensity and frequency – and all the pray-ers were informed…

From the very beginning of this journey, I determined to read, study and ponder all the Scriptures on healing, seek the Lord in prayer, and position myself to HEAR His voice.  I refused to give in to Fear because I knew that was a ploy of the enemy (John 10 vs 10), which can seriously undermine Faith! 

During all this time – since the problem was first discovered – I found myself thinking about, and praying about a prophecy given to me by two different men – about 40 years ago.

The words from the Lord on those two occasions a few years apart were: “You will live a long and fruitful life – if you trust me”.  I never forgot them – but did not dwell on them either – however, I think deep down – for all those years, I had been waiting for the “other shoe to drop” –so to speak!  I just knew that this prophecy hinted that a challenge, or a test awaited me sometime in the future. Jeremiah 29 verse 11 acted as an anchor for me however, and says: – “For I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord “Plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope”. 

I had been pondering on that prophecy since receiving the initial “bad news report” early last year, and wondered what length of time IS a “long life” in the Lord’s estimation! I am nearly 71 now – but I feel to be only 35 on the inside… (a bit of disparity there!)

That set me thinking, and wondered if I had enough faith – and – how much is enough, and how do we measure it?

Then I also wondered about the word – ‘trust’ – pondering whether it is the same as ‘faith’.  So I decided to do some homework to try to find out!! These two words are very similar, and can be used interchangeably by us– but they are slightly different.  I can say – “I have the faith to believe that chair will take my weight and not collapse when I sit on it”. So faith means to believe in ‘something’. Trust has a deeper meaning, and relates to having complete confidence in ‘someone’ – so it has to do with relationship!!     FAITH LEADS TO TRUST.  We knew we were at a crossroad! Were we going to believe the Doctor’s negative reports and go down that track? Or believe God, and all the healing promises in His Word?  We chose to whole-heartedly BELIEVE GOD and STAND on His Word regardless!  The world says – “I’ll believe it when I see it.” God says – “Believe it first, THEN you will see it!”   We duly went to see the recommended Oncologist on Monday 15th May, and as expected, she tried very hard to get me to agree to Chemotherapy, Immunology, or sign up for a Trial. Having already done my homework and telling her a few things, she soon realized I knew too much!   Stuart asked for some sort of guarantee of success, but she could not give us anything!

I did agree to have a blood test done, as they were worried about the mass affecting my kidney function. A week later she sounded surprised when she rang to tell me all my results were perfect! Even then, she still persisted in her quest to sign me up for further treatment – but I said “Why?” I knew that the Lord had already healed me – but sadly, she could not cope with that news!

You have heard the History – now for the Testimony of Healing – Praise the Lord!

At this point – I need to take you back a step and tell you about something amazing that happened to me on Mother’s Day this year (7th May) which was totally unexpected. At the end of the service, a member of the congregation slipped into the end of my pew, placed his hand on my left knee and said – “I owe you an apology” so I said, “What for?” His reply was, “Last Thursday the Lord told me to “gather all the people together to pray for Nancy on Sunday”.

He continued – “I did not do it today, because I had not asked you, and didn’t want you to be embarrassed. I have repented, and it will happen next Sunday”. So I replied – “Okay”……….(Jesus Himself had told me the day before to“Be still and quiet, and wait for Me”……….)! 

Sunday the 14th of May finally arrived, and I awoke ‘sizzling’ with anticipation because I just knew that the Lord was up to something! A Sharing Service was already scheduled on the roster, which was just perfect for a hands-on prayer time for two other ladies plus me. Stuart had the anointing to lead that special intercessory time, and shared the Scriptures given to him by the Holy Spirit, then anointed us with olive oil and frankincense. From the moment I sat on my chair out the front – I shook with the power of the Holy Spirit for the whole duration of the prayer ministry.

Some of you may have already worked out, that this special prayer time occurred the day BEFORE we saw the Oncologist!  

The next morning Stuart asked me to ring our second son who lives in the Riverland, to see if we could stay the following weekend (20th & 21st May) as we had not visited the family since before the flood, six months before. As it happened, Brad was not working that weekend. He told us that his Pastor (a friend of ours)had received two Words of Knowledge for me from the Lord a few days earlier, and because they were so important, he was prepared to drive the 7 hours over and back, to share them with me! Brad followed up with him after my conversation and told him – “Don’t do that – they are coming over here next weekend!” Perfect timing…….(God is so organized, and He NEVER acts too late)!

About that same time – the Lord spoke to me again, and said “You need to become a student – I have things to TEACH you”. So I said  – “Yes Lord”.  Not long after that would you believe – I had two close friends ring and text me with Scriptures, worship songs, words of encouragement, and web links to view old-time revivals with signs and wonders, plus teaching on healing.   What a feast – and I am still wading through all the material!

It was still a l-o-n-g week, as I waited on the Lord, and waited to get to the Riverland………………………

Eventually, it was time to drive to Brad’s church called “One Voice” in Loxton, where “Red” (the Pastor) greeted me with a big bear hug, and told me he would catch up with me later to share some things. I SO felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as we walked into the Hall. Following a beautiful time of worship, Red gave a short message on “Healing” and then invited anyone and everyone to come to the front for prayer.  About a dozen of the adults filed out, and I remember almost running to get out there…………!

Pastor Red told us all, that the Lord told him before the service, that he did not have to do anything – just invite the people, and that He – Jesus – was going to touch each one, and would work quickly! That definitely happened, because as Red placed his hand on people’s heads, and spoke a few words – each person just crumpled to the floor – one after the other. The Holy Spirit does this, so that He can do some deep work, without us resisting Him………

Red stood in front of me and told me he would talk to me privately after the shared lunch, to deal with the second Word of Knowledge, but was able to give me the first one right away. He told me – that the Lord had told him to tell me “I have extended the number of your years”.    Did you hear that?  Without God’s intervention, I knew I was not going to make it – as the medical profession had about used up all their options. THREE Specialists had told me that! “What is impossible with men – IS possible with God!”  Luke 18:27   AMEN  !?!

The Lord heard all the many intercessions for me over many months, plus my own petitions for deliverance from that terrible, incurable cancer, and Stuart’s deep, deep prayers! Whilst I was marveling, and rejoicing about that Good News – Red put his big hand on my head, then I immediately crumpled to the floor like all the others, because both my knees had given way, and I could not stand!!  As I lay there wondering why I was looking up at the ceiling, I straightened my legs, and as I relaxed, I felt as though two hands were gently, but firmly pressing onto my lower abdomen. I took a peek, but there was no one there – of course – (just Jesus)! I know I groaned softly, but then the pressure lifted, and after a few minutes as I stirred to get up, Stuart noticed, and was right there to lift me and help me to stand.

Once all the people had left – Red arranged 3 chairs in a circle down the front and took both my hands in his. He then proceeded to tell me the second, longer Word of Knowledge from the Lord – and I knew instantly that it was 100% accurate. Not only that, I also knew that Red would not have known anything about the issue he told me about!  It was rather complicated – and involved thought-patterns and attitudes of mine which fell under the category of UNFORGIVENESS from some years back, of which I was absolutely and totally unaware! 

This was serious, and God was calling me on it! Red was very gracious and understanding and led me in a prayer of repentance, and then through a process of setting me free from all the consequences of this problem. JUDGEMENT was also involved: – from me speaking it out, but also receiving it!  At the end of this procedure, the Lord told Red that it was done and that I now had a clean slate!              Hallelujah!!!     

During the past weeks since then, the few cancer symptoms I had previously been aware of, including fatigue – have all gone completely, and another very recent comprehensive blood test has revealed that all my readings are totally normal – better than they have EVER been in fact!!!

One last point – I am an ordinary person – just like you —
so what Jesus has done for me – HE can do for you too!!!


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