Wudinna and Karcultaby Area Schools

Wudinna and Karcultaby Area Schools have made awards inspired by Barnabas in the Bible who initially accompanied Paul in his first missionary journey and was famous for being an encourager.  The idea was put forward by the combined churches body that supports chaplains or Pastoral Support Workers and was enthusiastically taken up by the respective principals. The award at Wudinna was won by Levi Frishske and at KAS will be made at the end of this year. The category of the award is for a student in the middle years level who is respected by their peers, who is generous in their encouragement of others, and strives to complete tasks although not always getting perfect results.

Walk for Life

The Walk For Life is this Saturday (11 February 2023), Pennington Gardens, starting at 10 am. See details for times, free parking, what to expect and everything else.. Maybe you were at last years huge turnout. The media ignore us and politicians snub us but the grass roots movement for mother’s and baby’s human dignity is unmistakeable. It can’t be missed. Our Living Word says ‘don’t be weary in well doing’, ‘run the race’, ‘overcome’. The Gospel directs us to stand for those who need support. The Walk this Saturday is based on that truth.

Prospect Hill

Sarah Lovelock was confirmed at Prospect Hill church last Sunday (5/2/23). Pastor Grant Jewel led the service, Ron Tiller represented HopeNet SA. While Sarah had the joy of declaring her faith in Jesus the Son of God her Saviour in her church she has also done so publicly in her school where she has questioned social issues, viewed from the perspective of her Christian faith and withstood opposition to her stand.

Congratulations Sarah, keep running the race, Christ will go before you and uphold you.

Millicent Baptist Church

We supported Millicent Baptist Church after an Advertiser journalist bad-mouthed them in an article because they requested the Wattle Ridge Council to remove an LGBTQ flag because it promoted sectional interests rather than community consensus. A fair stance we believe and important for churches to support each other in such circumstances.

Australia Day, the Voice and Indigenous Spirituality

Australia Day, the Voice and the actual spirituality and belief of Indigenous Australians. See my article: Australia Day-A common spirituality. I don’t think it will change the day but the Holy Spirit is doing something wonderful amongst aboriginal people which the media and politicians haven’t caught up with. As always the real news comes out of the gathering of God’s people and the deeds the Lord guides them in.

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