Enduring Fruitfulness

Neil McIntosh is a retired surgeon and lay preacher who holds that the work of the latter is far more important for temporal and eternal needs than the former. Neil is also part of Hopenet executive which provides preachers and general ministry across our many formally un-pastored churches. Neil:  I have been asked to tell […]

Aboriginal faith, spirituality, Jesus and Hope

What is Aboriginal spirituality and belief? If the person in the street relied on NAIDOC week promotions and most, if not all, SBS and ABC references to the subject he/she would conclude it is akin to Dreamtime, the serpent, the rainbow, many myth stories, corroboree rituals, initiations and so on. Then if the 2016 Census […]

A mothers experience of losing a small child.

Rosalie’s testimony proves the beauty, wisdom and closeness of the Lord to those who trust Him. I believe my wonderful journey to become even closer to God began when I was 22.At this age I had 2 young boys, Chad, who wasn’t quite 2 years old, and Liam only 6 months old.With children so young, […]

Shining Jesus

In May this year 9 year old Chloe (changed name for privacy) was admitted to hospital for a fortnight’s stay for treatment and tests. It was going to be a potentially demanding time but fortunately, as is often the case these days, Chloe’s mum was able to stay in the same room for the duration […]

My Healing Testimony

My name is Nancy – still happily married to Stuart after nearly 49 years – and we are both currently working on our Merino Stud just a few kms S.E. of Crystal Brook. We have three adult children and six grandchildren. In April 1970 I was Born Again at an Easter Camp at Thuruna on the West Coast, and Baptized with the Holy Spirit 10 years later at a farm out of Gladstone.

Jonathan Fontanarosa: Changing The Narrative

How can the Christian respond to the narrative that is aggressively and constantly presented by media, friends and even family? Jonathan Fontanarosa of Edge Church addresses this in his “Change The Narrative” message, presented to the Wednesday Night Seminar of The Branches Community Church, on 31 August, 2022.

Leaving the UCA

This resource paper has been prepared by the Executive of HopeNet SA to assist a congregation that is considering the optoin to corporately discontinue their relationship with the UCA.

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