Jonathan Fontanarosa: Changing The Narrative

How can the Christian respond to the narrative that is aggressively and constantly presented by media, friends and even family? Jonathan Fontanarosa of Edge Church addresses this in his “Change The Narrative” message, presented to the Wednesday Night Seminar of The Branches Community Church, on 31 August, 2022.

Robert Raikes – Perserverence

The industrial revolution in England (1760 – 1840) was a time of massive economic development impacting every aspect of society. While the benefits were significant and obvious, there was another side that was both tragic, ignored and for many, unknown. Those who were poor, and especially children, were exploited for the social and financial benefit […]

What Can I Do?

From time to time, and it seems more often in recent years, governments and people of influence try, and often succeed in implementing changes to legislation that are contrary to the laws and principles of the Kingdom of God. HopeNet SA affirms that it is consistent with Scripture to take some action when such changes […]

Leaving the UCA

This resource paper has been prepared by the Executive of HopeNet SA to assist a congregation that is considering the optoin to corporately discontinue their relationship with the UCA.

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